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When you need professional counseling services, turn to Myra Osuch, a reputable women’s counselor from Heart to Heart Christian Counseling for Women in Paso Robles, CA. Whether it's drug addiction, abuse, or depression, she will make it a point to understand your struggles and offer solutions to make things easier for you. Let her guide you back to the arms of God, and she promises you, better days will come.

A Professional You Can Count On

There are times when life seems too difficult to manage. We are faced with challenges in our jobs, relationships, finances, and more. This is precisely the reason why Myra Osuch strives to offer counseling services to anyone in need. She wants you to know that help is within your reach. As a women’s counselor, she is more than happy to mentor you and be your source of inspiration and strength. Depending on the extent of the session and individual counseling needs, a counseling session generally costs $50-$60 per hour.


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