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A trusted women’s counseling center, Heart to Heart Christian Counseling for Women is your safe haven in Paso Robles, CA. Counselor Myra Osuch is here for you, ready to lend a helping hand and assist you as you journey towards a better, brighter future. Read the inspirational words from our pastor and know that in these trying times, you can always find comfort in His loving embrace.

Testimony by Myra Osuch

Myra Osuch

 “I’ve known of the Lord and was initially saved in 1999. However, it was in 2002 when I met the Lord personally. I met Him in a sweet time of intercession while chasing after His heart. He loves it!


I heard His voice very clearly, “There’s no love like my love. It runs deep Myra, and there is nothing you can offer me, but your life and your heart. I will lovingly take care of the rest of your destiny, my plan is your path, and with it comes much hope and purpose.”


My testimony is that I was raped at 17 years old. This was followed by multiple abortions and drug addictions. My life was enslaved by these. The power that they held over me navigated my life and identity for years.


When I met my Heavenly Father, crying out for His love, He miraculously healed me of a 15-year cocaine addiction in one night. The next morning, I awoke sober and in my right mind.


I became very familiar with His love and promises. I had begged Him to heal me, and I promised to serve Him for the rest of my life. A huge part of me died, and He became alive in me!


Often times we wonder, “Why me?” Each one of us has a purpose, and it is much bigger than what our minds can conceive.


It’s been over 14 years since that 2002 encounter, and I haven’t gone back to drugs at all – never want to and never will. The Lord is willing.


Do I have other issues in my life? Yes, but nothing is too big for my God. He desires to heal the brokenhearted.


Part of my background is that I didn’t have a great relationship with my dad while I was growing up. He was barely present for me. He was in the home and was a good provider, but he wasn’t really present to me and in my life. Mom took care of me and my 3 siblings. As a result, I was falsely filling this emptiness, lack of nurturing, and attention from my dad, chasing it with a lack of identity.


With much healing through the graciousness of my Heavenly Father, my dad and I have a great relationship today. This ministry is birthed out of my pain and the Lord’s gain! He restores hearts! Let him restore yours through this ministry, with a fresh perspective of how He sees you. He loves you deeply and desires to heal and bring fresh hope and restoration to all who desire it. He is The Mighty Counselor (Romans 12:1-2).”

From Pastor Myra to You

“Praise God for He is good and I again cannot say enough about how generous our God is! Let me help you set forth on the healing journey that your Abba (Father) ordained for you from before the foundations of this world. I encourage you, woman to woman, open your heart to the Father’s heart, and He will deepen your relationship with Him and establish your true identity in Him, as His beloved. Satan has stolen from everyone of us, especially in our true identity, but Abba (Father) has moved the heaven and the earth to wholly redeem you. You are His beloved and He is yours.”

Biography of Myra Osuch

“God is amazing in His generosity. He has given us many gifts that we use to help heal and build up one another, for the kingdom of God (2 Timothy 3:16).


He has allowed me to walk in the strong gift of prophecy as well as insightful Holy Spirit revelation. My husband and I began our ministry together where we served God by serving His people through a healing and deliverance ministry that God led us to birth and serve Him through for 7 years. God had me mentor and pastor many women through this time.


My heart is for women. This is the heart God has given me for women. Women are precious to Abba as well as to me. God has placed in me the desire to see every woman live out her divine purpose and destiny!


God also birthed in me intercession, prophetic insight, wisdom, knowledge, and faith believing that He will move mountains through His divine revelation directly from His throne room in Heaven!


I graduated from the International School of Ministry (ISOM) and attended the School of Prophets. I received my Degree in Biblical Studies from and an alumnus of Leadership San Luis Obispo, CA (2006). I also completed extensive additional training and testing in order to become certified as a Christian Counselor through Professional Christian Coaching & Counseling Academy (PCCCA). In addition to having served God through my and my husband’s deliverance and healing ministry, I later on birthed the River of Life Christian Fellowship and served as a Pastor of Women.


Not taking these things lightly, I still boast only in my God, thanking Him for His gifts. I am honored to be a part of His heartbeat as we walk together in this ministry.”

Heart to Heart Christian Counseling for Women

Myra Osuch

Counselor and Pastor